Animations & Rendering

Animations and Rendering are a vital part of an Architects work as it is the means by which the visual concept is presented to the client.

Using modern software it is now possible to readily generate a limited number of classic view points. The key benefit of using modern software is that a wide range of visual options can be generated very quickly to give the client choice.

Alternatively, whole areas can now be quickly rendered to give the client a more in depth understanding of the architectural concept(s) being offered.

Demand for animation and walk throughs is growing rapidly.

We see the demand for animation growing as a means of presenting to a wider audience the final outcome of the architectural process.

Good examples of this trend are:

  • Engineering based group wanted to present to its main board how their container port would look after the electrical infrastructure had been revised to support the 25 year site lease
  • CEO of manufacturing company wanted to show his work force what the new head office would look like once completed
  • Resort developer wanted to be able to visualise how his resort would look when completed