As-Built Drawings MEPF (2D or 3D)

At the end of a project the owner / operator expects to find a full set of MEPF as-built drawings on record usually within the Operations & Maintenance Manual.

Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Forsspac is skilled in taking fully or partially marked up drawings from the contractors site team and producing a final set of as-built drawings. In undertaking this work Forsspac will send engineers to site to verify that the information provided is accurate, if not, they will make a new set of mark-ups.

The most common way of working is in 2D with the output being both hardcopy and soft copy in the form of .dwg files.

There are two emerging trends:

  • Where it exists, take the original 3D model, often produced to LOD 300, which is then updated to LOD 500 using information from the field. Field information can be either marked up hard copy or more recently laser scanned point cloud data.
  • Build a clean 3D model from field data to LOD 500