Concept Design

Concept design output sets the scene for all the other design decisions that must be taken later in the project. Some of the outputs that need to be created during this concept phase are:

  • External appearance
  • Structural scheme
  • Internal space planning
  • Traffic flows
  • System concepts
  • Code compliance study
  • Sustainability direction (LEED/BERDE)
  • Energy efficiency schemes
  • Plant schemes
  • Multi-disciplinary integration

Concept design is where you deploy the most knowledgeable and experienced human resources that you can afford. This investment in “thinking the design through” will pay very large dividends for the rest of the project and substantially enhance your ROI.

The interaction between you the investor, your architect, your structural engineer and the chosen M&E team is vital at this stage of the project to ensure that the final architectural designs bring out the essential harmony between vision, efficiency of construction, energy consumption and functionality that will deliver a truly exceptional experience to the occupiers and users of the building.