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Condition Survey

Healthy, Intelligent and Green Operations for Existing Buildings Are Possible Without a Major Remodel


A building represents a significant investment for the building’s owner, operators, and occupants. While some buildings may

be designed as “temporary” structures with demolition and redevelopment as a clearly identified stage in the life cycle, owners and operators often look into refurbishment or renovation as an option to extend the life of the facility.


Healthy, intelligent and green operations for existing buildings are possible without a major remodel - where we are and what we have to do.


Condition surveys and energy audits can go a long way in identifying doable actions that owners, operators, occupants together can take to improve on the current working environment.


Condition surveys and energy audits are comprehensive. What are the factors that impact a building’s resource efficiency?


  • Existing conditions

    • Normal operating hours

    • Occupant load

    • Temperature


  • Energy consuming systems

    • Air conditioning and ventilation

    • Lighting

    • Mechanical systems

    • Electrical systems

    • Other equipment and machinery connected to the building power system


  • Operating, maintenance and calibration plans


  • Training of

    • Building operators

    • Maintenance personnel

    • Building occupants


  • Indoor environmental conditions

    • Ventilation

    • Lighting

    • Sound

    • Vibration

    • Relative humidity

Forsspac’s approach will help you identify short, medium and long-term actions to improve on the current working environment and on resource utilization.


  • “Quick win” solutions that owners, operators and even occupants themselves can implement with little (or no) major financial investments

  • Solutions which may lead to adoption of new, environmentally-sensitive work habits

  • Medium-term solutions that may require investment in retro-fitting activities, which may result in resolving potential “sick building syndrome” situation

  • Long-term solutions that may involve major capital investments, extending the operating life of the facility

  • Solutions which recognize sustainability efforts in the built environment.


Forsspac can also assist in preparing the necessary technical evaluation and payback documents for facility upgrade proposals seeking assistance from financial institutions.


Our condition survey audits can help you put your building’s operations on the right track, and give you peace of mind to a more sustainable, eco-friendly future.

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