Corporate Quality & Safety Policies

Providing Satisfaction to Our Clients Through Continuous Improvement

On Quality, Forsspac is committed to providing satisfaction to our Clients through continuous improvement in delivering quality Services.

As part of our commitment to comply with requirements to ISO 9001, Forsspac recently upgraded its ISO Certification from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015 the risk-based quality management system (business sustainability) by the way of an external audit conducted by AJA Registrars, Inc. on March 27th 2017 followed by a formal award May 31st 2017.

We create work environments where:

  • Quality is a philosophy adopted by every employee
  • All employees are responsive to customer needs
  • Services standards are continually improved

On Safety, Forsspac ensures that all personnel are aware of, and observe, the required safety precautions at all times:

We create work environments where:

  • PPE is provided to all staff
  • All employees work to our Safety policies
  • All employees are expected to practice ‘common sense’ in all situations

On Health, Forsspac ensures that all employees are fit for work.

We create work environments where:

  • All employees are monitored by their supervisors
  • Annual medical checks are provided for all employees

The productivity of employees is very important to us all in achieving our personal and business objectives