“New Normal” Office Design Solutions

Keeping your business going is a major challenge and now, due to Covid-19, there is a need to implement social distancing within the workplace. Planning return to office procedures is a challenging and time consuming task with many factors to consider including an office layout re-design.

Forsspac’s Office Design Solutions assess every aspect of the workplace and provides practical solutions in all areas that follow your social distancing requirements, safeguarding the health and safety of your employees in the workplace.


Areas of the Workplace Assessed

  • Common Areas

  • Reception

  • Conference Rooms

  • Private Offices

  • Work Stations

  • Storage & Holding Areas


Our Solutions

FFE & Office Equipment

Re-design floor layout plans to ensure that furniture placing supports social distancing in all areas. Determine the best combination of furniture and accessory solutions for each environment in the workplace that are functional to the space and user.

Ensure that common office equipment is suitably located to minimise human contact.

Introduce relevant signs, partitions and hygiene stations.


Architectural Considerations

Common areas such as toilets, hallways, storerooms and reception require more detailed thought in re-layout as they are high activity areas and often limited in space. Changes to floor and wall finishes may be required to deter touching and facilitate easy cleaning along with fitting automatic flushing & faucet facilities in the toilets.

Enforcement of one-way systems and visual clues for spatial awareness can go a long way to making your office as safe as possible.


Air Conditioning Systems (MVAC/HVAC)

Recently the WHO has acknowledged that airborne transmission by droplet is a key risk and that air conditioning systems contribute to the viral load in the occupied spaces.


There are two basic steps that must be taken to minimise risk. 

Step 1. Optimise what you have


Step 2. Improve the system

Where possible, we recommend the use of Displacement Air systems, particularly Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD), rather than Ceiling Air Distribution systems which create a continuous mixing of the air. Displacement systems reduce the level of airborne contamination through continuous upward movement of air which clears out the polluted air.

Office Technology

Review currently deployed office systems and provide advice on digital transformation helping you to implement alternative ways of time keeping, teleconferencing and online data storage.