Head Office Team

Our Principals and Key Personnel
Phil Thoburn

Phil Thoburn


CEO / President

Phil has gained his spurs the hard way. His experience and skills are founded in the many projects that he has worked on since first arriving in 1988. Starting with the bank of China building in Central, Hong Kong he then moved on to Taipei to work on the Far Eastern Plaza complex since when he has worked on a number of large and complex developments in South East Asia and the Middle East. In 1996 he was instrumental in starting the Manila operation focusing initially on 2D CSD work and the provision of technical and management services for a wide range of Philippine and International clients. Starting in 2007, 3D/BIM technology was embraced as a natural part of driving forward a leading edge technology company. Phil has also been instrumental in professionalising the provision of Testing and Commissioning services in the Philippines starting in 2002 when the gap in the market became apparent.

Recently, working with the Forsspac team, Phil has been creating new offerings in integrated multidisciplinary design and technical facility management services, driving towards his goal of creating end-to-end solutions that deliver excellent ROI and balanced value to our customers. Passionate about attention to detail, intelligent thinking in design and design coordination, Phil is committed to providing high quality, high integrity services.


M:   +63 92 85 00 47 12

Robert Thoburn

Robert Thoburn

Vice President, Finance and Sales & Marketing

Robert comes to Forsspac with a wide range of solid business skills in finance, sales & marketing. Having an engineering background Robert is well placed to further develop the services of Forsspac and build brand awareness/value. Robert has gained his experience having worked in a variety of different industries including automotive, medical devices, general manufacturing, construction and corporate restructuring. In his VP role  at Forsspac his experience and skills compliment those of Phil Thoburn.

He strongly believes that customers want what they want and not just a few simple choices, our task is to find new and innovative ways to deliver our services that match this ideal.


M:   +63 91 89 57 38 44 

Alvin Garcia

Raymund Anthony Z. Lee

Business Development Manager

Raymund has worked in a wide range of industries selling MEPF and testing & commission services. Raymund has a wide range of selling and marketing experience developed whilst working in the architectural, engineering software industry, real estate and food & beverage sectors. He has also spent time in academe on Business Development.  He therefore brings to his role at Forsspac a set of highly developed sales & marketing skills.

Raymund, just like Yoda, believes “Do or Do not, there is no Try.”


M: +63 92 85 00 47 27


Rodelio J. Cueto, RME

MEPF Manager

Rodel oversees all the functions and manages the MEPF design engineering team from a formidable position of knowledge and understanding. He brings his wealth of experience in design and construction management. He has over 35 years experience, which is 6 years in the Philippines and  29 years overseas particularly in Hong Kong, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. His hands-on design covers mix-use high rise buildings, supermalls, hospitals, schools, housing, research labs, and various infrastructures.

He believes in “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”


M: +63 92 74 51 23 28


Rosswaldo G. Dimaguila, RME

Testing & Commissioning Manager

Ross has more than 21 years experience in MEPF engineering and construction of which more that 5 years have been spent in running T&C projects. Whilst  working overseas in Dubai, Singapore and Saudi Arabia Ross continued to develop his very significant technical and site skills that our customers now benefit from.

He believes in getting the job done and facing up to the technical challenges as they arise, it’s the only way to deliver customer satisfaction!


M: +63 92 85 20 43 75


Reynaldo C. De Ocampo Jr., RLA, UAP

Architectural Services and CAD Manager

Rey has over 18 years of experience in the field of planning and Architecture. Experienced in preparation of schematic and detailed architectural and engineering design, landscape, Interior design, technical specifications and cost estimates. Rey is also responsible for contract administration and project management.

He believes in “Good leaders create a vision, articulate it well and passionately own that vision, then relentlessly drive it to completion.”


M:  +63 91 89 67 90 79

Elisa S. Thoburn

Elisa S. Thoburn

Support Services Manager

Elisa heads the Support Group that comprise the HR, Admin, Purchasing, Logistics, Quality Management System and IT departments.

Backed with 12 years of experience, Elisa has gained proven expertise in leading one of the important part of the organization which is the Support Services. She drives her department to be pro-active, consistent and efficient in providing the highest quality of services to Forsspac and its clients.

Elisa believes “Don’t be pushed by your problems, be led by your determination.”

If you would like to work at Forsspac contact her directly in confidence.


M:   +63 91 78 98 29 57

International Team


Andrew Frost

International Executive Director

Andrew has over a twenty-year career in the design and construction sector and has been involved in many major projects such as: Infrastructure, Leisure, Health, Residential and Mixed Developments. Andrew is leading the growth of our business internationally deploying our multidisciplinary offering we are able to provide; single source of modelling, single source of drawing production, 3D spatial coordination, improved construction sequencing, costing, testing and commissioning and ultimately improved asset optimisation in the O&M phase.

He believes “A business is merely a reflection of its own corporate self-image.”


M: +61 4 09 44 26 28


Sean Reilly

Director Business Development – Australia

Sean comes to Forsspac with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry across the world. A strong grounding with clients and also management of people will enhance the future growth within the Forsspac Team and develop new relationships to improve the construction cycle.

Sean will oversee all the functions of the Australian sales arm of the business including business planning & strategy, operations, client engagement plans, sales targets & customer satisfaction objectives, legal and contractual matters.

He is passionate about the Staff Culture and Values, Client satisfaction and Quality Product and Delivery. He is always listening to the clients’ needs and exceeding expectations.

He believes in “Strong Lasting Relationships.”


M:   +61 4 03 55 43 06

Bill Lawlor

Bill Lawlor

Director Business Development – Malaysia

Bill supervises all functions of Forsspac’s international sales arm which include planning & strategy, operations, and client engagement plans among others. He also manages the Quality and Safety aspect on requirements and ensure all respective safety and quality standards both internal and statutory are strictly applied.

Having over 30 years of experience, Bill has worked in varying capacities including Project Coordinator, Project Manager and Commissioning manager on large MEPF projects throughout United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and South East Asia. His experience include but not limited to the following sectors: Airports, Power Stations, LNG Onshore, Hotel Casinos, Hotel Resorts, Manufacturing Process Facilities, Multi-Purpose Offices, Pharmaceutical R&D Facility, Radioactive Waste Processing & Disposal, Banking and Dealer Floors Facilities.

He believes in his four C’s “Communicate, Coordinate, Collaborate, Consolidate” as projects prerequisite for success.


M:   +60 1 75 92 65 28