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Retained teams

As an outsource provider we are continually adapting to deliver best in class service. We are aware that getting the quality right and delivery on time is becoming an increasing difficult challenge as project lead times shorten and the peaks and troughs become more pronounced.


To help address these concerns we have developed a team working methodology which is focused on a dedicated Team Leader at Forsspac who is the main point of control for team management/workflow control, and the custodian of your working practices, codes & CAD standards, quality and communication.


The Team Leader employed by Forsspac is in effect "your employee" at a senior level who will interface with your Project leader(s) facilitating the controlled flow of work to and from team members.


It is the responsibility of the Forsspac Team Leader to build a delivery team to match your demand.


The guiding principle is that by working with Forsspac, you will have on hand a reliable core delivery team that can be flexed to cope with peaks and troughs as they come along whilst retaining core delivery skills as a long-term part of your project delivery strategy.

Most companies have a never ending stream of project work, some of which can be diverted to keep your retained team fully employed at all times. This avoids the on/off issues associated with our industry's prior mind set of large project only lump sum outsourcing. By keeping the fully employed quality and delivery are not compromised.

This is how a Retained Team may be organised:

Set up


During our pre-engagement meeting(s) it is important to review scopes of work, key existing working practices, work-flows/sign off processes. We also need to establish Design / CAD standards. Overall this will ensure that the production team will work to the required standards and quality.

Team Development


As workload increases the Team Leader will bring into the team additional resources / skills as required on an hourly rates basis. Once they are established then the discounted monthly rate will apply.

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