USGBC LEED Certification

US Green Building Council (USGBC) put in place the LEED scheme (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

It is recognised that LEED certified buildings are resource efficient using less water and energy than their contemporary counter parts which as a major bonus saves on operating costs.

Working towards LEED certification for new buildings starts with design oversight, through competent construction to Testing & Commissioning Management.

Once the project is complete all the information is uploaded to the USGBC website by a CxA Professional. USGBC then assess the quality of the information submitted and award status as appropriate up to Platinum level.

USGBC also offer a range of LEED assessment programs for existing buildings.

Forsspac’s team have successfully commissioned many projects through the LEED process including the Zuellig Building, Manila (Platinum).

Forsspac is an organizational member of USGBC.