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Forsspac partners with GCI-Hospitality, providing unique and solutions to the hospitality industry

Forsspac proudly announces its partnership with GCI-Hospitality. Their joint expertise aims to provide an expansive range of services and solutions catering to the hospitality, food and beverage industry.

Combining GCI-Hospitality’s strength in providing unique and streamlined solutions with Forsspac’ s MEPF design capabilities creates a formidable team to support an industry that relies heavily on providing an excellent level of service. The partnership represents a powerful combination of man and technology – a multidisciplinary team with a strong-point know-how enhanced by the most advanced automated tools of the trade. Forsspac and GCI – Hospitality can help assure, through this partnership, that your project stays on track and is completed to the standards set by you, within a reasonable time-frame and agreed budget.

Robert Thoburn, Director of Forsspac stated that “Both Forsspac and Guggenheim have developed a deep understanding and knowledge of their respective prime fields of expertise. Now by working together they seamlessly deliver clients aspirations from concept to IFC and then on to construction support thereby making sure that in the end, the project result exceeds client expectation”.

While Felix Guggenheim, President of GCI-Hospitality said “Collaboration + Technology + Process = Substantial Savings. The key is to focus on strategic initiatives that are critical to the successful completion of your hospitality project. The strategic alliance between Forsspac and GCI-Hospitality provides a competitive advantage by improving efficiency in coordination and avoid dead ends by drawing on a vast pool of experiences from past projects. Reducing costs, design and construction schedules while improving the quality of the end product are direct results.”

Forsspac is committed to providing their clients, mainly owners and developers, the best engineering consultancy services. They combine knowledge-based skills with powerful design and coordination software tools to deliver an effective result from the initial concept right through to the final handover.

GCI-Hospitality delivers well-coordinated and integrated projects, made possible by an in-depth understanding of hotels, restaurants and food service requirements as well as their work ethic centering on promptness in meeting deadlines, quality management and hands-on involvement.


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