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Testing & Commissioning Services

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Forsspac Testing & Commissioning Management team has a wide range of capabilities in different project types with sizes ranging from a 500 to 550,000sqm. Typical project types are:


  • Hotels

  • Residential Towers

  • BPO Offices

  • Casinos

  • Rail

  • Industrial

  • High Rise

  • Airports

  • Hospitals

  • Ports

  • Resorts

Achieving the desired outcome happens when the client directly engages with a strong and capable testing & commissioning management team whose authority on the project is established through contract.

Best results are achieved when this engagement takes place towards the end of the building services design phase particularly if the building is to achieve any form of green building recognition such as LEED or BERDE.

Upon engagement our team will want to understand the master construction plan so that all downstream activities can be lined up thereby establishing the critical path through the project which is generally dictated by site power on and equipment start up.

A key early task is the Commissionability study which will review the building services design and architectural external finishes to determine if there are any issues arising that could prevent the building being effectively commissioned. Whilst this is not a design or peer review the Commissionability study does go deep into the design including assumptions and calculations.

Interaction with the contractors is a vital part of Forsspac being accepted into the wider team. In all cases Forsspac will work with the contractors to help them develop methods of working and related documentation. The Forsspac team is also able to provide technical advice if systems are not performing as they should.

From site power up to hand over the role of testing & commissioning management team is one of witnessing for which we use our cloud based data acquisition system (Calistodata). It is the responsibility of the equipment vendors and contractors to undertake the actual power up, system balancing and testing.

To cope with the significant volume of documents produced on projects Forsspac has developed a proprietary system of document control known as ISTO. The final product of ISTO is the Operations & Maintenance Manual.​


During the awarding process for larger projects our technical director will author a statement on technical direction to give clarity to the owner as to why working with Forsspac will deliver the required outcome. A typical direction statement may be viewed by clicking here.

Sample Testing & Commissioning Projects

Okada manila.jpg

Okada Hotel & Casino Project


Manila, Philippines


Testing & Commissioning Management


550,000sqm (GFA)

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