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T&CM Services Scope

Typical scope of service statement extracted from a recent bid document.

Scope Overview

This retail project comprises Eight floors as follows;

  • Basement car park space with tenant lobby space and client pump room,

  • Ground floor car park space with tenant lobby space and unloading bay, and client’s shopping lease area, fire pump room, incoming power room for Meralco, FCC and security space,

  • Second floor car park space with tenant lobby space, and client’s shopping lease area, and plant rooms,

  • Third floor tenant space,

  • Fourth floor tenant space,

  • Fifth floor tenant space, and Fifth floor mezzanine client’s plant rooms and office space

  • Sixth floor client space

  • Seventh floor client space


Scope of Services and Scope of Work

The following information provides Forsspac’s response to the RFP scope to demonstrate understanding and compliance and is not intended to modify the requirements of the RFP.


Specifically, the scope includes the management of the Testing and Commissioning of all MEPF services and systems. The following summary has been prepared from the RFP:


  • Air Conditioning and Mechanical System

  • Electrical System

  • Fire Services – Dry and Wet Systems

  • Plumbing and Drainage Systems

  • ELV Systems

  • Escalators and Elevators

  • Conveyor System

  • Shutters

  • Dock Levelers


The detailed scope of services covered is in accordance with the RFP


The scope of work covers:
  • Detailed design review for commissionability

  • Pre-Commissioning

  • Overall System Commissioning and

  • Integrated Systems Testing


General Scope Delineation

The Suppliers and Contractors will undertake the testing and commissioning of the works. Forsspac will direct, manage and oversee the process of Testing and Commissioning and witness pre-commissioning, pre-acceptance and acceptance testing leading to handover of the completed systems.




Forsspac’s workscope includes administrative functions related to the T&C management works including:


  • Preparation of standard formats for all paperwork requirements.

  • Preparation and distribution of the standard testing and commissioning plans and forms that will be used by the Contractors and Suppliers and the Project Management Team.

  • Organising and leading Testing and Commissioning meetings.

  • Status reporting, including compilation of Sub-Contractors and Supplier’s reports.

  • Document management (Soft and hard copy) of all project T&C Documentation


Codes and Standards

In conjunction with the Contractors and Suppliers, Forsspac will establish the codes and standards applicable to the T&C works. The Contractors and Suppliers will be required to develop procedures based on these codes and standards.


Scope of Work of the Contractors and Suppliers

The workscope of the Contractors and Suppliers covers the execution of the Testing and Commissioning works under the direction of the T&C Management team. As part of the start-up activities the provisions for T&C within the Specifications will be validated and any issues brought up to the PM team for resolution.



The following is an indicative statement of the required deliverables under this RFP:


  • Commissionability Study

  • Commissioning Plan / Programme

  • Forms and formats for all contractor deliverable documents

  • Method statements

  • Compilation of all test packs

  • Compilation of contractor’s Operation & Maintenance manuals.

  • In progress reports as needed.

  • End of project report.

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