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Owners Requirements - Typical



This document identifies the Employers Requirements for the design and construction of the development.


The Design Team will be engaged by client and consist of consultants possibly including: -


  • Coordinating Architectural Design Consultant

  • Fire & Life Safety Consultant

  • Local Architect of Record

  • Structural Consultant

  • Façade Consultant

  • Geotechnical Consultant

  • Environmental Consultant

  • Coordinating MEPF Consultant

  • Interior Design Consultants

  • ELV & IT Consultants

  • Vertical Transportation Consultant

  • Traffic Management Consultant

  • Kitchen Equipment / Laundry Consultant

  • Architectural Lighting Consultant

  • Signage Consultant

  • Pools and Water Feature Consultants

  • Acoustic Consultant

  • Artwork Consultant

  • Other Specialist Consultants


Coordinating MEPF Consultant will manage the overall design and program deliverables of the consultants within their package.


There are 4 elements of the Project to be delivered under this development: -


  1. Hotel Tower

  2. Entertainment Zone

  3. Commercial Retail Zone

  4. External Infrastructure



  • The hotel is a 4 Star rated property to internationally recognised standards.

  • Large signage to be clearly visible from the street, day and night

  • Minimum number of keys required: 400 including 20 disabled rooms . Top 2 floors to be suites

  • Target size of standard guest room is 32 - 38 sqm

  • Telephone, wifi, mobile phone & TV services in all rooms

  • Hotel rooms and guest lifts to have card access system

  • Separate elevator cores for guest and service elevators

  • Lit driveway entrance and canopy with security inspection bays,  taxi rank, valet parking, general drop-off / pick- up, VIP drop-off / pick-up and access to statutory minimum parking bays

  • Main entrance with security leading to reception area including concierge facilities, a VIP entrance

  • Full service All Day Dining restaurant open 7 days a week

  • On site laundry

  • Uniform storage facilities

  • Main kitchen & bakery with 24-hour room service facilities

  • BOH offices and storage facilities to support

  • Swimming Pools / Health Club



  • Large open Feature Space, Central Garden with Café Lounge / Bar Entertainment

  • Mass gaming floor to accommodate 600 video machines and 120 tables

  • VIP room of 1,250 sqm accessed off the mass gaming floor and with a screened private entrance area.

  • International Food Court

  • Specialty Fine Dining

  • Cashier Cages, Forex, Soft Count Rooms and offices

  • Rewards Counter and Promotion Giveaway Stage and Displays

  • VIP and FOH Toilets

  • 8 Junket Rooms

  • VIP Bar and Lounge



  • Duty Free Design Concept

  • Located for maximum visibility

  • Retail Spaces – Typical

  • Retail Spaces – Speciality

  • Retail Spaces – F&B

  • ATM


  • Landscaped drop-off and entrances required to the hotels and retail areas

  • Internal public access corridor required with 24-hour access to maintain overall development access ways

  • Separate loading docks for hotel and commercial

  • Defined access route and loading area for condominium block

  • Defined access route and secure parking area for casino cash delivery

  • Traffic management of all areas to be carefully considered in the overall development

  • Below grade Multilevel Car Parking for upto 1,200 vehicles

  • Solar Power Plant Options

2.General Design Requirements



  • The consultants must design safe access facilities to all elements of the development

  • These  can  include  vehicular  access  hard-standings,  walkways,  catwalks,  platforms,  cat-ladders,  lifelines, gondolas etc

  • Simplicity of systems designs for easy maintenance



The consultants shall present at concept stage proposals for energy saving and 'green' construction products and methods to achieve Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) or equivalent standards, the following are some options: -

  • Renewable energy sources including solar and bio fuel systems

  • Sun collector systems for lighting

  • LED and solar lighting to be utilized where possible

  • Intelligent lighting control systems

  • High efficiency motors, plant and equipment

  • Variable speed drives

  • Comprehensive building controls and power management systems to be installed to allow the operator to better manage and control energy usage

  • Recycling of storm water for irrigation,  grey waste recycling and condensate water collection and use

  • Supply voltage optimisation

  • Energy recovery coils / cross flow units

  • High building thermal insulation such as double glazing, solar reflecting films, insulated cavity walls etc

  • It should be noted that a minimum of 15% water retention within the lot is required by the Design Standards and Guide

  • Solid  waste  storage  &  collection,  recycling  and  composting  facilities  /  designs  are  required  by  the  Design Standards and Guide



  • The pedestrian access points to public areas shall include for metal detection facilities

  • Vehicular access shall include security barriers and covered vehicle inspection bays

  • The hotel entrance shall include for luggage x-ray facilities

  • Podium levels should generally have escalator connectivity between floors

  • Disabled access facilities are required to all public areas (Compliance to Batas Pambansa Blg. 344)

  • Master keying system shall be provided to all areas and shall be suited for room types

  • Doors shall be standardized to minimize types and sizes

  • Ironmongery shall be standardized to minimize types and number of sets

  • Protected hardwoods are not allowed

  • Segregated or separate swimming pool areas for each hotel

  • Raised access floor in entertainment zone

  • Entertainment zone is a smoking area

  • Discreet segregation shall be provided to maintain adjacent areas 'smoke free'

  • Basement parking facilities for hotel and retail areas

  • Basement parking to be linked with adjacent development parking facilities

  • Fire Command Center (FCC) / BMS Control Room with direct fire vehicle access

  • Engineering Department offices shall be located with direct connectivity to the FCC / BMS control room

  • Large BOH storage areas adjacent to or with easy access to meeting / ballroom venues for furniture storage

  • Separate metering rooms for utility suppliers are to be provided for in commercial developments


  • The entire development shall be 100% generator backed (rotary UPS option to be reviewed)

  • Fuel storage for the generators shall allow for 4 day's supply without re-fill

  • Un-interruptible power (UPS) shall be supplied to 100%  of the FOH casino related operations and all critical building systems

  • MV distribution within the development with localized HV / TX

  • Power Management System to allow metering and monitoring for control of power usage

  • Metering of utilities throughout the development to provide feedback on energy usage of all the business units

  • Primary & Secondary Data Centers

  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) storage and distribution is required to all hotel kitchen and retail F&B units

  • Public spaces to be designed to control temperature at a set point of 22 deg. C +/- 0.8 deg. C

  • Public and tenanted spaces to be separately serviced with fresh air for greater control

  • The designer must consider the area usage to ensure areas with different operating times and different heat loads can be controlled separately

  • The entertainment zone must be broken down to small areas to allow future changes to be catered for with regards to heat loads

  • Full fresh air systems to areas where smoking will occur with energy recovery systems (smoke filled air must not be mixed with supply air!)

  • Potable water storage capacity for 24 hour operation without top-up

  • Water storage for fire suppression systems must be separate from potable water storage

  • Domestic water pump systems to ensure water supply volume and pressure can be maintained even at peak demand

  • Domestic hot water to be stored at 60 deg. C and distributed to achieve 55 deg. C at point of use within 10 seconds for hotel guest rooms

  • Hot water supply required to all commercial kitchen areas.

  • Public toilet facilities do not require domestic hot water supply

  • Central chilled water plant for the podium and hotel including optimization control system

  • Comprehensive Building Management System (BMS) to allow control of all plant and equipment and provide feedback to allow the operator to implement energy saving measures

  • Comprehensive and interactive graphics for BMS to include all design / commissioned values for easy review and control

  • Landlord metering of utilities in tenanted spaces

  • Hotel guest rooms shall have a room management system linked to the hotel booking system

  • Conventional  lightning  protection  system  preferably  using  dedicated  rebar  within  the  structure  for  down conductors

  • Central battery system for emergency lighting

  • The designer shall review and present options for "self-balancing' water and air systems

  • Multiple universal  power and  data  outlets at  meeting  and ballroom areas (designer shall  review with Widus operations for requirements)

4. ELV

  • 24/7 CCTV coverage in all public areas of the development and special requirements for entertainment zone operations

  • Primary & Secondary data centers

  • Telecommunications rooms

  • Access control for gaming and BOH operated facilities

  • Wifi in FOH & BOH areas

  • Property wide mobile services

  • Utility provisions for tenanted spaces

  • Audio Visual (AV) services for FOH spaces

  • Integrated AV in meeting and ballroom areas to allow operator to combine spaces when moveable partitions are removed. Also multiple outlets coordinated with power supplies in ceiling and cupboard areas for use by event organiser (designer shall review with Widus operations for requirements)


  • Shadow gaps shall be provided at wall to ceiling junctions

  • Protected hardwoods are not allowed

  • Durability of floor finishes in high traffic areas shall be carefully considered (timber floors generally not acceptable in these area)

  • Water closet cubicles should have at least 900mm minimum clearance

  • Shower Cubicles should have at least 1200mm minimum clearance for FOH

  • Tissue dispensers, liquid soap dispenser and tissue bins to be under-counter

  • Urinal glass partition are not acceptable

  • The designer shall ensure heavy duty doors such as glass bathroom / shower doors have sufficient support hinges or tracks to avoid sagging during normal use

  • Shower / bathroom floors shall have sufficient falls to avoid ponding water in addition to rubber door seals at the base of shower doors.

  • Bathroom vanity counters shall be designed to hide services and pipes

  • Non-slip floor finishes required in bathrooms

  • Provide designs for fire hose cabinet treatments / enclosures in FOH areas

6. Traffic Management & Landscape

  • The consultant must coordinate the traffic management of the development to seamlessly integrate into the overall design of the Widus development and surrounding areas

  • The consultant shall allow for bus drop-off of staff, separate loading bay areas for hotel & retail, defined secure access and parking for the casino cash deliveries, separate access / egress for employees parking.

  • The development has a requirement for a 24-hour access walkway at ground level to link adjacent developments

  • Careful consideration must be given to fuel & LPG delivery trucks for safe refill of the developments storage facilities

  • It is an important consideration for the client to provide a green, well landscaped development

7. Detailed BOH Requirements



  • Ceilings shall be lay-in grid type at 2.4m affl.

  • Walls shall be painted finish with 100mm high vinyl skirting

  • Floors shall be carpet tile

  • Lighting shall be locally switched but with BMS time control and fittings shall be tile replacement type

  • Air conditioning in open plan offices shall be BMS controlled, executive offices will have local control

  • Air conditioning grilles shall be tile replacement size

  • Wall outlets / containment shall be embedded

  • For island desk areas services shall be fed from high level via furniture pole

  • Executive offices shall have sound proofing



  • Ceilings shall be lay-in grid type at 2.4m affl.

  • Walls shall be half tiled and painted finishes

  • Skirting shall be radiused tile for easy cleaning

  • Shower cubicles shall be fully tiled to height of cubicle walls

  • Floors shall be slip rated ceramic tile

  • Lighting shall be PIR controlled maintaining minimum lux level in space when not in use

  • Air conditioning shall be central BMS controlled

  • Wall outlets / containment shall be embedded

  • Showers shall have embedded mixer with fixed head

  • WC shall be floor mounted concealed cistern (inside accessible duct), sensor controlled flush with spray washer

  • Lavatory shall be surface mounted on counter with sensor controlled cold water only faucet (mirror above)

  • Urinals shall be wall mounted with sensor controlled flush valve

  • All sensors shall be mains powered

  • Paper towels for hand drying, wall mounted soap dispensers & sanitary collector bins in female


  • No ceilings

  • Walls in electrical / ELV rooms shall be plastered & painted, no skirting

  • Walls in mechanical rooms shall be fair faced block & painted

  • Floors shall be epoxy coated

  • Services shall be surface mounted with metal clad outlets / switches

  • Lighting shall be locally switched

  • Air conditioning as required to electrical & ELV rooms, central BMS controlled


  • No ceilings

  • Walls shall be plastered & painted, no skirting

  • Floors shall be epoxy coated

  • Services shall be surface mounted with metal clad outlets / switches

  • Lighting shall be PIR controlled

  • Air conditioning central BMS controlled



  • Ceilings shall be washable lay-in grid type at 3.0 m affl.

  • Walls shall be fully tiled with 100mm high radiused skirting tile

  • Floors shall be slip rated ceramic tile

  • Lighting shall be locally switched but with BMS time control and fittings shall be tile replacement type

  • Air conditioning shall be central BMS controlled, executive chef offices will have local control

  • Air conditioning grilles shall be tile replacement size

  • Kitchen extract and make-up air shall be central BMS time controlled

  • Wall outlets / containment shall be embedded and outlets in wet areas are to be waterproof type

  • Back walls in kitchen equipment areas shall be designed to allow embedment of large cables and pipes



  • No ceilings

  • Walls shall be plastered & painted with 100mm high vinyl skirting

  • Trolley crash barriers along walls

  • Floors shall be epoxy coated

  • Fire separation doors along corridors shall be on magnetic door hold open devices linked to fire alarm system

  • Services shall be surface mounted with metal clad outlets / switches

  • Lighting shall be PIR controlled and central BMS time controlled

  • Air conditioning shall be central BMS controlled

8.Consultant Deliverable Requirements


This section of the Employers Requirements Specification details deliverables that will be provided by the design consultants that are supplemental to the deliverables identified in the Detailed Design Scopes and expected as an integral part of the normal design package deliverables.

They are drawn from experience of issues occurring during the construction of other Resort & Casino projects in the Philippines and are intended to ensure the documentation detail provided suits the skill set of the local contractors and market to deliver a first class development.


  • The designer will provide detailed grille / diffuser schedules for FOH areas including size, length (if linear) and plenum box sizes to meet required design throws

  • The designer will provide control valve schedules, sizing ALL control valves for the optimum control range / valve coefficient

  • The designer will provide a complete BMS points schedule as well as standard control schematics and detailed control philosophy for each item of plant & equipment and system. Also specify the graphics requirements with some samples (the graphic for each plant item must include the design  settings,  adjustable  set  points,  & feedback readings).

  • The designer will provide detailed electrical schedules to include ALL cable sizing

  • The designer will provide the distribution network control logic including short circuit calculations, recommended discrimination settings, the control sequence of operation for the emergency power systems

  • The designer will provide lighting calculations to demonstrate achievable lux levels in each area

  • The designer will show locations of all attenuators, balancing valves & dampers, control valves and in-line components of each system on the schematic drawings (the contractor will be responsible for drain and vent points and final coordinated locations of the components shown in the design schematics). Schedules of all components will be provided by the designer.

  • The designer shall provide detailed drawings, schedules and technical write-ups identifying ALL components of a system that are required to ensure proper functioning of that system.

  • The designer is to ensure all items requiring regular maintenance or isolation are positioned in easily accessible locations, preferably BOH or in suitable cupboards / rooms if FOH, ceiling access hatches shall be avoided.


  • The designer shall ensure their designs are coordinated with MEPF services, particularly storm water outlets, lightning protection systems and façade lighting

  • The designer will provide a connection detail of the storm water outlet to the storm water pipe system

  • The designer will provide connection details of façade and roof systems to lightning protection systems

  • The façade designer will coordinate with structural & architectural design for set out of the building façade line to ensure there are no exposed or protruding surfaces and interior elements such as columns are not exposed on glass façade elements that are too close to maintain

  • Flat roofing systems shall have falls to the perimeter of buildings with overflows to prevent roof flooding if outlets become blocked or overloaded during torrential rain

  • The designer will detail any building movement or seismic joint requirements and parapet wall capping etc to ensure complete and cohesive design of waterproofing

  • Louvers shall be typhoon proof with minimum free area of 50%. Sizes shall be coordinated with the MEPF consultant to obtain airflow requirements for calculation of sizes to be detailed on the architectural drawings. The designer shall detail support requirements for the louvers

  • The designer will be responsible for ensuring the provision of safe access for maintenance of facades including design of access provisions and design of building maintenance units


  • The Consultant shall carry out circulation / movement studies to identify quantities, capacities, intervals and operating speeds of elevators

  • FOH elevators shall have a minimum fit-out loading of 450kg

  • Escalators shall be used to link public spaces in the podium areas

  • The Consultant shall provide a detailed schedule for all elevators and escalators

  • The Consultant shall provide a general specifications identifying all the elements of the installations their working parameters and quality of installations



  • The Consultant shall produce a report identifying the issues involved in a development of this nature and provide guidance on the options available to deal with the issues to the client, TPM and the design team

  • The Consultant shall provide a strategy identifying the exceptions in the codes that can be taken by implementing different systems in order to rationalize the overall design


  • The Consultant shall produce a report identifying the issues involved in a development of this nature and provide guidance on the options available to deal with the issues to the client, TPM and the design team.

  • The consultant will identify construction methods and materials required to achieve desired STC ratings


  • The consultant will coordinate with the utility suppliers for incoming services requirements and provide drawings of the overall development infrastructure both incoming and outgoing


  • The Consultant shall consider and present options for active signage elements both externally and internally

  • Interactive wayfinding signage shall be utilized in public spaces

  • Signage must comply with the detailed requirements of Widus Hotel & Casino


  • The Consultant shall provide designs both externally and internally

  • The Consultant shall select species available locally and for ease of maintenance

  • Landscape design must comply with the detailed requirements of the Vertis North Design Standards and Guide

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