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Designing complex MEPF systems

How does Forsspac design complex building systems with certainty?

Forsspac designers use Building Information Modeling (BIM) theory to bring the method of design together with the vision of the client to create integrated design models having a high level of detail. The team has established a streamlined engineering process that provides technical coordination, drives design simulations and resolves clashes early in the design cycle.

Our designers use a single model to enhance the communication of design intent to all stakeholders before the construction begins. By embracing the principles of fully coordinated design we can reduce construction cost, minimize change orders and reduce construction time by providing “ready to build” Information for Construction.

What is Revit?

Revit is a software application that supports BIM theory with features for architectural design, MEPF, structural engineering and construction specification/documentation. Revit in itself is not BIM, it is an enabling technology that supports a multidiscipline/collaborative design process.

Forsspac is currently creating high-end 3D models on a test basis for use with virtual reality (VR) equipment to explore what experiences are attainable and how relevant they are to our clients


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