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The benefits of utilising Retained Teams to help in your project delivery.

Updated: Apr 4

Whether you are looking to steadily increase production rates in your company or need additional resources to aid in the completion of larger projects, Retained Teams could provide the solution you are looking for.

Here we will discuss when to consider using them, plus the key benefits they provide to your business.


At what point should I consider implementing Retained Teams?

There are a couple of key moments that might call for the introduction of retained teams.


Firstly, if an employee leaves your company.


Secondly, if you can see your future workload increasing and need a higher production output.


Replacing or finding a new team member can be a challenging process, but you can turn this potential negative into a positive outcome.

Through us, we can fill your resource gap. A Retained Team can start with as little as just one person, with the ability to build a team over time. Therefore, removing that time consuming challenge for you and reliably sourcing staff with the right skills you require for your projects.

Plus, in doing so we can help you control future overhead costs.


What are the key benefits for choosing to implement a Retained Team?

You will get a dedicated Team Leader who essentially becomes a member of your team, just like any employee would.


Find consistency in the team and output which ultimately provides,

o   Higher quality of work

o   Timely delivery of projects

o   Improved project flow as you can use the time zone difference to your advantage


Production resources can be added or removed to match your production needs at any time.

And finally, you can grow your business without having to worry about where to source skilled production resources from because we do that for you.



Get ahead of your competition with a Retained Team from Forsspac. If you have any queries please get in touch.


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