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Forsspac's new MEP Manager, Noel Baquilod.

At forsspac we are delighted to announce that Noel Baquilod has been promoted to MEP Manager after 25 years combined experience in Mechanical Engineering Design and Project Management.

“Over the many years that Noel has worked for Forsspac we've been impressed by his abilities, his diligence, and his skills in conducting himself in the business. This represents a fantastic move forward for Noel and Forsspac, already we're seeing significant improvements in product delivery.” – Robert Thoburn, Chairman

Noel has proved himself at Forsspac while working on projects both locally (Philippines) and internationally.

This is what Noel had to say about the promotion.

“I really did not expect to be promoted, but since the outgoing MEP Manager (Rainier) spoke to me of his plans to go back to work abroad, and he sees me as the potential candidate to take this role. At first, I had my hesitation at the start, but at end I thought that I have to step in to the new role as I know how the MEPF department operates, and to have continuity of the MEPF projects.

I was elated and happy on my promotion, and for the trust from Rainier, sir Phil and sir Rob for me to go on with this new role.”

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