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Realistic 3D Modeling, Rendering scenes for Architectural Design Visualization

How does Forsspac render and visualize high quality 3D models?

Following the modeling of the design in Revit, Forsspac uses either Lumion or 3Ds Max to produce high-end renderings. These software packages preserve the model geometry, lighting, materials, and other metadata embedded in the Revit models. The visualization software (Lumion and/or 3Ds Max) quickly converts 3D CAD models into flythrough videos, images, and online 360 presentations.

By adding environment, materials, lighting, objects, foliage, and other effects to create impressive visualizations our architects can engage directly with our clients to show designs and seek immediate feedback.

Forsspac is currently creating high-end 3D models on a test basis for use with virtual reality (VR) equipment to explore what experiences are attainable and how relevant they are to our clients.


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