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As-Builts Q&A with our Team Leader Arlan Esquilona

In this Q&A, Robert Thoburn will discuss the Forsspac As-Built process and the types of software used by our team with Arlan Esquilona.

Rob: Arlan, thank you for joining me today. We’re going to be talking about As-Builts and as team leader can you tell me, what are the first steps that you take in starting to work with a new client?

Arlan: It will start with an email introduction, followed by a video conference call to formally meet and discuss the project and it’s requirements. Things that are normally being discussed are project scope, reports, specific CAD software and version requirements, project timeline or duration and other client specific requirements.

Rob: That’s quite a lot to get through, how do you find the clients react to all of those questions?

Arlan: With regards to the clients questions, we have process flow charts for that one so they can really understand.

Rob: That's really good, and which clients have you done work?

Arlan: So for projects both local and international clients, such as a DBS, NDY and Downer just to name a few.

Rob: Ok, so they are pretty good quality clients. How do you manage the quality control when you working with these prestigious clients?

Arlan: For that we have a quality control, so our in house process requires several steps starting with the originator who does the work. Once the work is done, he/she will highlight the mark-ups and or instructions with a colour highlighter to signify what has been done on the drawing.

The checker will then check to ensure all information is accurate and will also highlight the mark-ups with a different colour. Once everything is correct and assured in order, it goes to submission to which our document control will process and transmit it to the client, closing down the task.

Rob: Ok, so meaning we have a document controller on board for the project?

Arlan: Yes, with regards to document control, Forsspac has an assigned and dedicated document controller for every client and they are tasked to handle incoming and outgoing correspondences and document reporting filings.

Rob: When you are doing As-Builts do you work in 2D or 3D?

Arlan: This is dependent on the client or project requirements. Forsspac can work both in 2D and 3D platforms.

Rob: So, when you are using 3D, do you use the BIM 360 platform?

Arlan: Yes, we do use BIM 360 platform, especially right now during the days of the pandemic because mostly they’re using online. So, we are using Autodesk CAD softwares such as AutoCAD and Revit Recap Pro and Bentley List Microstation, but for 360 we mostly use Revit.

Rob: Do you find the market tools within the Revit platform useful?

Arlan: Yes, it is useful.

Rob: And does that mean you can share very quickly with the clients, their mark-ups and feedback if there are issues?

Arlan: Absolutely, because in terms of cloud using the Revit BIM 360, they can automatically check whether the client appreciate if it's done or using by accessing the BIM 360 software.

Robert: Well Arlan, thank you very much for talking today, I've enjoyed learning a bit more about the As-Built process at Forsspac. So, thank you very much indeed.

Arlan: Yeah, thank you also.

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