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Forsspac Team Building Event 2024

A day of collaboration and connection.

Like with many companies, here at Forsspac remote working has become the norm for the majority of our employees. Overtime this can foster a disconnect between teams and team members when there is no face to face interaction


To combat this, we believe it’s important to periodically bring everyone together as a company for the day.


"We've been working from home, and while the team functions well online, there's something about being together in person that strengthens our bond," Comments Phil, CEO.


Therefore, recently Forsspac organised a team building event at Fermina Garden Resort, here’s how it went.

The goal was to enhance camaraderie within the company and reinforce our core values amongst our staff.

Excellence: We are committed to creating outstanding fitness for purpose in the buildings on which we work.

Red Team leaders: Al and Edith


Passion: We always put our heart and mind into our work so that we can provide the best solutions and outcomes for our Clients.

Green Team Leader: Ross


Integrity: As a business and as individuals, we promise to always do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it and if we fall short, to take corrective action.

Blue Team Leader: Elisa


Continuous Improvement: We strive to always do better today than we did yesterday, to improve the efficiency and quality of our work and thereby to provide the highest value services to our clients.

Black Team Leader: Rey and Noel


In the morning, the teams were assigned the task of creatively representing the company's core values. Each team enthusiastically embraced the challenge, showcasing their interpretations of Forsspac’s core values. This competition not only encouraged creativity and teamwork, but also reinforced the importance of shared values in driving the company forward.


Green Team - Passion - won the Best in Banner

Blue Team - Integrity - won the Best in Cheering.


We also had our special awards go to two individuals.

  • Sportsmanship awarded to Grash Aguilos.

  • Most Valuable Player (MVP) awarded to Pio Reyes.

Following this, outdoor games provided a fun atmosphere, allowing team members to bond and collaborate further outside the usual work setting.


Then the afternoon was about the whole company being able to hangout in the same space, allowing conversations and connections to happen naturally throughout the rest of the day.


Overall, Forsspac recognises that remote work has huge benefits for our staff and their work life balance, but some face-to-face interaction is also important when it comes to building a strong and cohesive team.


We strongly believe this event was a huge success in terms of creating stronger sense of collaboration and communication within our company.


We are looking forward to planning and hosting more team-building events in the future.


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