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Testing & Commissioning In Australia.

Testing & Commissioning is important on any construction project because it is the definitive management tool to make sure that the contractors have done their job correctly and that all systems are fully functional. Not only that, the T&C team also need to prepare the O&M ready for handover to the client.

Therefore, having a reliable and qualified T&C team that can handle the full scope of work is critical to the success of any construction project.

We are aware of the struggle most construction companies are facing in Australia, which is the difficulty in finding qualified staff within an affordable budget, as the hourly AU$ rate can be high.

This is where outsourcing can be really beneficial in providing much needed resources whilst keeping project costs down.

For example, we at Forsspac offer our clients T&C services that cover from the design stage all the way to handover.

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We have over 20 years experience working on projects in Jakarta, Macau and the Philippines. Our staff are well versed in how contractors operate in different environments and how difficult it can be to harmoniously keep projects on track.

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If you’re interested, you may see a sample of our T&C projects here.

As we take T&C seriously, we believe that the only true way to operate is with boots on the ground every day to witness the construction works as they happen. Then attend and witness every start up and the capture of commissioning tests results as they go live.

Therefore, for our Australian clients we have teamed up with Hitchcock, lawyers based in Sydney, who specialise in processing Visa 400’s. We want to ensure that our 400 Visa applications run smoothly.

Overall, this means that we can quickly get our highly qualified Filipino staff into Australian construction projects.

Key benefits of using Forsspac are readily available highly qualified staff at an affordable AU$ rate.

If you want to discover more about our Testing & Commissioning services or how we operate internationally, contact Robert Thoburn, Forsspac Chairman.

Or get in touch via our contact form here.


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